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Tires for Passenger, Light Truck, SUV, Trailers

scott-balancing-tireGrand Tire specializes in high quality tires without the name brand prices. We have high performance speed and load rated tires for almost every vehicle. Our onsite warehouse allows us the ability to carry one of the largest independent retail tire inventories around. In the event that your tire is not in stock we can special order it for you and have it delivered the next business day.

Light Truck tires are also in stock for utility vehicles from a ton to 1 -tons. We carry sizes from 15 to 19.5-inch wheel diameters with load index ratings of 6 to 12-plys.

Trailer tires are another stocking item ranging in wheel diameter sizes from 13 to 16.5-inches with various load index ratings of 6 to 10-plys. Call for Pricing.

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Tire Information:
The sidewall of your tire can tell you a lot. When looking to replace a tire, it’s important to know what you have so that a suitable replacement can be found.


Today’s modern tires have radial plies beneath the rubber surface. They provide for greater safety and increased mileage. However, they make it difficult to notice when they’re improperly inflated. Check your pressure regularly, or have us do it at no charge!


One of the last great uses for a penny is to check your tread depth! If you can see the top of Abe’s head, you need a new tire.


The most common tire problem we see is caused by under-inflation. Not only does it shorten the life of the tire, but you get poor gas mileage as well. You’ll even notice that your car has better acceleration with tires that aren’t low on pressure.


It’s rare, but we do see some tires that are actually over-inflated. This can cause poor tread wear and loss of traction, especially in wet driving conditions. Extreme overinflation can cause your tire to blow out.


Even if you keep your tires inflated properly, you could be wearing them out by having poor alignment. This is where the tires are not “aimed” properly. Your car can “pull” to one side or the other. You should have your alignment checked every few years.


Tires wear unevenly on your car. For example, most front-wheel drive cars wear out the front tires first. To get the most out of a set, they should be rotated according to manufacturer’s specs, generally about every 10,000 miles. It’s inexpensive and can prolong tire life greatly.


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